‘Coffee Life’ is more than a coffee shop, it is a social space full of options to enjoy. Not only because each purchase of food or beverage goes to a charitable purpose, but because there you can celebrate the next birthday party for your best friend, organize the next company dinner or work on your laptop while you have a good coffee.

In this post, we explain all the options you can choose and pick your favorite one that suits you best. Let’s begin!

OPTION 1: Celebrate a birthday party. The hamburgers and salads at Coffee Life are the perfect option to celebrate the life of someone you want to surprise. We set up the space so you can have everything ready, with a good dessert and a cozy atmosphere.

OPTION 2: Book your company dinner. It’s great to go out and socialize outside of the four walls of the office every now and then. And it’s even better to do it in a place where you will have privacy, good service and a quality menu.

OPTION 3: Let’s connect! Your next networking event. Every entrepreneur knows that connecting with people with the same passion and energy drives change. It is pure inspiration and motivation. That’s why at Coffee Life we want your next networking event to meet all the necessary conditions: good atmosphere, good food and comfort. Besides, what better way to support a social project that was born from an entrepreneurial heart.

OPTION 4: Organize your next thematic workshop.At Coffee Life you have a social space where you can hold your next workshop with your association, your group of friends or your colleagues. Are you organizing a writing workshop? An awareness-raising talk about a social problem? A book presentation? We have the space and the service to carry it out. Book now and tell us what you have in mind.
OPTION 5: Long live the bride and groom! And no, we have not gone crazy. We are not going to celebrate your ENTIRE wedding there (although, well, if you think of doing it, we will be happy and delighted!). But you can come in for a drink after the ceremony. We have had the privilege to be a part of this precious moment and we feel privileged to do so.

OPTION 6: End of exams… your graduation! What could be better than sharing this long awaited moment with those who have waited, struggled and suffered with you. We organize your graduation dinner so that you can live this moment with your class celebrating the end of this stage and the beginning of a better one.

OPTION 7: The next football game. At Coffee Life you can live the next football game with all the intensity it deserves so that you only have to worry about paying attention to the next goal and sharing that moment with your friends.

And the best thing about all the options is that they are all focused on the same goal: to support hundreds of people so they can keep smiling.. Which option will you pick next? See you there!

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