Due to influence of consumerist culture over the years, the celebration of Valentine’s Day has become an increasingly meaningless moment where, as with other celebrations of all kinds, what prevails are shopping and gifts, often without much of a message. But the celebration itself does have a committed, solidary and even revolutionary origin, we could say.

In fact, it dates back to the third century in Rome, where a priest named Valentine opposed the order of the emperor Claudius II, who had banned the celebration of marriages for young people, because he thought that bachelors without family were better soldiers, as they had fewer ties and sentimental bonds.

But Valentine, opposed to the emperor’s decree, began to secretly celebrate marriages for young lovers. A decision that caused Claudius II to sentence him to death on February 14th, year 270, alleging disobedience and rebellion.

A charitable Valentine’s Day, with Amar Dragoste

At Amar Dragoste we also fight against injustices such as those affecting victims of trafficking and prostitution. Therefore, we ask for your collaboration and we do so on this occasion by asking for your support through purchases that do have a message, that do have a meaning, a purpose, that show commitment, such as those you can make in our solidarity store, where you can buy jewelry made by women victims of human trafficking in the workshops we organize for them.

A purchase whose benefits will go precisely to improve their situation, since all the proceeds from the sale of jewelry is a full and direct income for women in their first stage of the recovery process when they still do not have a job.

In addition, you can also make donations that help to maintain the projects we have with them such as Casa Refugio, the mobile unit, psychological assistance, among others.

Visit our charity shop and make this Valentine’s Day a moment of solidarity and commitment.

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